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For the Love of the Porch Swing

If you can’t sit on the porch in a swing, with a gentle breeze kissing your face as you soak in the sights, sounds, and smells of an Autumn afternoon… then truly, what is the point of sitting at all?

I feel all the feels when it comes to relaxing, to summer fading into Fall, and definitely when it comes to my porch swing.  I know I’m not alone in my love and passion for elevated, swinging outdoor (and indoor!) furniture, so I’ve decided to share our story of how it all began.

Most of us have had a porch swing in our past, our present, or possibly in our future.  I’m happy to say, I’m one of those lucky people, and it all started on a Saturday afternoon during a drive through a neighboring town.

A Girl and Her Porch Swing

Fourteen years ago, my husband-to-be and I spontaneously visited an estate sale where we made a discovery that changed the profile of our front porch forever.  At the front of the estate hung a porch swing, and the moment I saw it I fell in love.  It was nothing fancy, but to me, there was something magical about the way it sat waiting to tell it’s story.  I could only imagine it’s history - the events and memories that were imbedded in the grains of wood and links of chain; the quiet moments, the shared conversations, the books that were read and the naps that were taken on that swing.  I had never been lucky enough to have a porch swing of my own, but I did have fond memories of my Aunt and Uncle’s country farm and the many moments spent on their front porch cuddling, giggling and enjoying afternoons from our swinging perch on the wrap-around porch.

Back at the estate sale, as I stood and took in the weathered beauty of the porch swing, an instant flood of attachment washed over me.  It was a feeling very similar to the prior summer, when we were visiting friends and were introduced to a new litter of dachshund puppies.  One look, one sweet sniff of puppy breath and I knew the wiggly puppy was meant to be a part of our family.  Similarly, as I sat on the swing, I had an instant feeling of belonging and home.  I settled into the cushioned comfort, softly nudged the ground with my toe, and set into motion an instant love and attachment to the whitewashed wooden wonder that wrapped me in swaying comfort and warmth. 

The Porch Swing Became a Part of Our Home and Our Family

Needless to say, we purchased the swing and brought it home and now, all these years later, the swing is still a part of our home and our family.  And in case you are wondering, so is the stubborn yet sweet, wiggly little wiener dog, who often sits next to me and naps as I sip coffee and enjoy the swaying view of the neighborhood from our front porch.  Happily, both the dachshund and the porch swing continue to age well over time.

The swing has had a few face lifts over the years, from fresh coats of paint and new chains, to the addition of comfy cushions, seasonal pillows, and homemade quilts.  The swing has been a part of many large and small events in our life, including wedding showers, birthday celebrations, holidays, and the birth of our son.

I remember having trouble getting out of the porch swing when I was pregnant.  These days, I only seem to have trouble getting out of the porch swing because I am too content, too comfortable and don’t want to break the magical spell of the moment.

The Feeling of Comfort and Belonging in our Porch Swing Grows Stronger Every Day

Our porch swing has endured laughter, tears, sadness and celebrations.  It’s been there for arguments, make-ups, and major decisions.  The swing came with us as our family grew and we moved to a new home in a new city.  The porch swing has been a part of Christmas celebrations, Fourth of July picnics and Halloween trick or treating.

Our swing has helped me start conversations and meet new neighbors.  From this swing, I’ve watched my husband and sons toss the football, I’ve watched many competitive games of tag and hide and seek, and I’ve sat and waited for the kids to get off of the school bus.

I’ve often sat on our porch swing and thought about families long ago, long before technology and the  prevalence of digital devices.  Families would retire to their porches at the end of the day to relax and unwind.  Kids and pets would play in the yard and people would interact with neighbors passing by, out for an evening stroll.  I imagine times that were less stressful, less anxious, and less crammed with crazy schedules and back-to-back outings and events.  I long for the days when houses were built with porches, and porches were used to rest, relax, and recharge.  Maybe, just maybe, my magical porch swing is on a mission – through it’s history and heritage, to bring back the beauty of a time less chaotic and less filled with worry and stress.

Our Porch Swing is a Place Where Cherished Moments Turn Into Memories

Our swing has held buckets of Halloween candy, has been strung with Christmas lights, and has been a resting spot to sit and sip iced tea during an afternoon of yard work and gardening.

I’ve sat on the porch with my Mom and made so many memories, sharing wine, conversation, and laughter, long into the night after the rest of the family gave up and went to bed.

The swing is a place for cherished moments and memories – past, present, and future – and I can’t imagine our home without this magical piece of precious furniture.

I’ve heard of writers who are attached to old typewriters, artists who only paint with a specific easel, and coaches who have a favorite hat or whistle.  So, I don’t think it is abnormal to love an animated, inanimate object as much as I love this swing.

Our swing is a part of our home, a part of our family and sitting just would not be the same without it.


Do you have a beloved porch swing?  I would love to hear from you and about what makes your porch swing so special to you and your family!

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