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How does a Bed Swing differ from a Porch Swing?


Bed Swing or Porch Swing? That is the Question.

With so many beautiful and practical options available, one of the questions we get asked most often is how a bed swing differs from a porch swing. We offer both at Nested Porch Swings, and we recognize there are significant and important differences between bed swings and porch swings.

To help with your decision, we’ve compiled a list of the FIVE areas where bed swings and porch swings differ.  But before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at both types of swings.

The Porch Swing

Ultimately, the decision to purchase either a bed swing or a porch swing boils down to personal preference. It is important to focus on the overall purpose for the piece of furniture and to keep the size of your space in mind when you’re shopping for the perfect swing for your home.

When we think of porch swings, we think of traditional, classic style. All kinds of happy thoughts come to mind, like sitting on the front porch with our grandparents, sipping lemonade on a lazy summer afternoon.

Although they come in various sizes, porch swings are typically designed to fit two to three people and are ideal for smaller spaces. This also makes them a perfect spot for quiet conversations and shared moments with the ones we love. 

The size and the materials used in manufacturing traditional porch swings also make them a relatively cost-effective option.

The Bed Swing

Bed Swings, also known as daybed swings, swinging outdoor beds, swing beds, and patio beds, bring a new level of comfort to your space and are the perfect piece to complete your outdoor or indoor furniture arrangement. Swing beds are designed with both comfort and social activities in mind, and when we think of bed swings, we think absolute luxury.

The roomy and stylish bed swing not only creates a poetic paradise inside or outside of your home, but it is also the perfect spot for piling up with the kids, hanging out with friends, or curling up with the dogs and good book.

One major thing to consider when it comes to bed swings, is the cost. Because of the bigger size and luxurious design, they can be much more expensive than typical porch swings, but they also offer tons more function.

So let’s dive in and talk about the FIVE areas that differentiate bed swings from porch swings.

1. Versatility

Unlike traditional porch swings, the bed swing is ideal for both outdoors and indoors. In fact, more and more customers are choosing bed swings to enhance the look and feel of bedrooms, guest rooms and sun rooms.

Bed swings also come in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs – from stunning, to elegant, to showstopper.

Bed swings can bring the comfort of a soft bed to your outdoor living space, and can bring the peaceful tranquility of the outdoors, inside your home.

While the kitchen used to be the gathering spot in the home, the bed swing is quickly becoming the new focal point for conversating, relaxing, and hanging out.

The Westhaven Bed Swing shows true versatility and offers a luxurious way to relax either indoors or out of doors, on your deck, patio, or porch. This bed swing is a true showstopper and will quickly become the favorite hangout spot in the home.

2. Design

Bed swings come in various designs, including a platform design (with no sides or backboard) or a more traditional design that includes sides and a backboard. Depending on the design and on preference, bed swings can be made to look like an actual bed or day bed, or they can be designed to resemble more of a comfortable sitting area.

Bed swings also come in various size options that can accommodate a crib, twin, full, queen, or even a king size mattress.

The Mercedes Bed Swing is a beautiful example of a platform design bed swing, which can be customized using a side or backboard kit to achieve the desired look and feel. This is also a favorite product for customers who want to use a swing as a bed inside the home.

3. Comfort

One of the biggest differentiators between bed swings and porch swings, is the frame of the swing. The traditional porch swing is designed with a hard back and bottom and is typically around 32 inches deep. A bed swing is built with bigger dimensions and is most commonly designed to accommodate a standard twin size bed mattress, but can also be customized to accommodate bigger mattress sizes. 

Bed swings can also be cozied up with all sorts of fun extras, from thick cushions, bolster pillows, throw pillows, blankets, and more. The mattress, cushions, and pillows are game changers and take the bed swing to a whole other level of comfort and relaxation. Bed Swings are so comfortable, they literally become the most popular seat in the house!

The R&R Bed Swing not only creates the perfect spot in your home for snuggling and cuddling, but it’s also energy-efficient and good for the environment. R&R stands for reclaimed and recycled because it is made of wood that comes from sources other than newly felled trees.  Who knew protecting the earth and making lifestyle changes could feel this good?

4. Style

One of our favorite and unique features of the bed swing is the ability to completely customize the look to fit your style and space. 

Bed swings come in many different styles and finishes to match your vibe – whether you are seeking a beachy look and feel, a modern farmhouse design, or an urban design with clean lines, there is bed swing to fit your unique aesthetic.

The Sarah Bed Swing has been described as elegant and inviting, with a Southern Savannah charm and style.  We’ve seen this bed swing used as a statement piece to elevate modern farmhouse décor and also as the centerpiece on a beautiful, southern, wrap-around porch.

4. Movement

Another differentiating factor between the porch swing and the bed swing is the way the swing moves. A traditional porch swing is typically secured at two points, which creates a front to back swinging motion.

Bed swings are often held by four points, which allows for a smooth, swaying movement.  Doesn’t the sound of that make you want to relax, take a deep breath, and melt into the big middle of a bed swing?

The Avalon Bed Swing is the perfect blend of contemporary design and ultimate comfort. Not only is this a perfect place to take a refreshing nap, but the sleek movement makes it easy to sit and sip a glass of your favorite wine without spilling a drop!

Be sure to check out our guide on How to Hang a Porch Swing, which includes helpful tips on selecting the perfect size bed swing or porch swing to allow movement and to fit your space.

Based on our own experience, these are the five biggest differentiators between the bed swing and porch swing – versatility, design, comfort, style, and movement.

If you are looking for a swing to bring a traditional look and feel to your front porch, the classic porch swing may be the right option for you. If you are looking for something with more versatility and comfort, or for something beautiful and whimsical to hang inside your home, then the bed swing may be your best choice.

The bottom line, is to choose the swing that works best for you and fits your individual style, preference, and taste.


If you still have questions or need additional help with your shopping decision, we are always here to consult with you at Nested Porch Swings.  Feel free to contact us today and one of our experts will be happy to help!


We would love to hear you weigh in - are you Team Bed Swing or Team Porch SwingPlease comment below and let us know.

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