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Hanging Cradles & Bassinets Are the Hottest Trend for the Nursery

As new parents, we want only the best for our little ones, and we want their arrival into the world to be perfect. And the nursery is such a big part of introducing them to their new life. 

Before we fully know their personalities, their likes, and dislikes, we get to decide on what their nursery will look like. From color schemes to furniture to the overall décor, the baby’s room is a big part of their big debut. As with everything else on the new baby journey, parents want the nursery to be perfect.  So, it is no surprise that baby room décor and design are among the hottest search terms on the intranet.

Today, I want to talk about one of the most searched for and hottest new pieces of furniture for the baby’s room – the hanging bassinet

During their first few months of life, newborns spend much of their time sleeping, so figuring out where your baby will sleep is among the many important decisions new parents will face. 

Should the baby sleep in a crib?  What about a cradle or bassinet?

What about a hanging cradle or bassinet?

A bassinet is a temporary, cozy, and compact sleeping space intended for newborns and infants who cannot yet roll over or sit up. The design of the suspended bassinet is a Scandinavian nursery concept, and the hanging baby beds are not only beneficial in small spaces, but are also baby-sleep approved.

Why buy a hanging bassinet?

While the crib is a staple and focal point in the nursery, we are obsessed with the modern beauty and design of the hanging cradles and bassinets.  Not only are they amazingly stylish, but they also provide a tranquil, soothing, and comforting space for your baby to sleep and can entertain little ones while they are awake.

Not to add pressure to the many decisions new parents are required to make, but cradles and bassinets are often the most used pieces of furniture during your baby’s first three to four months of life.  While optimal comfort for the baby is a top consideration, it is also important to have a bed that functions well in your home, especially if space is limited.

Suspended baby cradles are great baby room furniture accessories to keep little ones comfortable, peaceful and safe, and can also enhance the fun, dreamy, and whimsical vibe of the nursery.

For those of you who are contemplating buying a hanging bassinet or cradle, I want to share FOUR main features to consider when making your decision:


Hanging baby beds are designed to provide slight movement to help lull your baby to sleep or to keep your infant comfortable and entertained even when they’re not sleeping.  When choosing the right bassinet or cradle for you and your baby, it’s important to consider the design, quality of materials, and the overall experience the cradle creates for your baby.

Many hanging baby beds are simple, elegant and charming and can enhance the look and feel of the baby room design. Some even come with covers and canopies that make them look even more adorable and romantic.

Modern bassinets are designed to provide stability and safety, with snug fitting mattresses, and are made with sturdy and comfortable materials.


Modern suspended cradles and bassinets are both safe and comfortable. Since the bed is hanging instead of standing, this may cause some parents to worry, however, if the bassinet is installed correctly, by screwing it into ceiling beams, and knots are tied very tightly, a hanging bed is amazingly sturdy and safe. Once installed correctly, it is incredibly hard to flip or turn the bassinet upside down.

As an added safety measure, we recommend choosing a newer-style bassinet to be sure it meets safety regulations that were put in place after 2013 and 2014 by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


Many of our favorite suspended bassinets and cradles are made of 100% organic cotton and materials, unvarnished wood, and jute – pure and honest ingredients you would wish for every child. When choosing a product, we recommend looking for one made of high-quality materials.


Because suspended cradles and bassinets are designed to provide a gentle rocking or swinging movement that closely resembles the feeling of sleeping in the womb, most babies will rest comfortably and fall asleep easily. 

Not only are hanging beds designed to help babies rest and sleep comfortably, their compact shape and design function well in most spaces, especially if that space is limited.  They can literally be suspended anywhere – even in the center of the room, if desired.

Now that you know what to look for, we want to share a couple of our favorites.

Our favorite hanging bassinets and cradles are listed here:

The Hussh Flex Hanging Cradle

Designed to swing and bounce simultaneously, closely resembling the feeling of sleeping in the womb, to help your baby fall asleep easily – day and night.

The Ibiza Hanging Bassinet

The Ibiza hanging macramé bassinet is truly unique and made with love. This beautiful bassinet is 100% made by hand of soft unbleached cotton and includes a sustainable coco/wool mattress with eucalyptus board-plate, soft cotton handmade ropes and specially designed stainless-steel springs.

Decorating the nursery is one of the many joys that comes with having a baby and we hope we’ve made at least one of your many choices a little easier.  Suspended baby beds are a safe and practical choice that can help babies, and parents, sleep easier – and can also add a fun and whimsical treehouse vibe to your nursery – and who doesn’t want that?

At Nested Porch Swings, we recommend transitioning your baby to a crib or travel crib when your infant is either attempting to roll over, reaches about 20 pounds or turns four to five months old. Until those milestones are met, enjoy watching your sleeping baby in a beautiful hanging cradle or bassinet.

We would love to hear from you, and since nursery décor is such a hot topic, we invite you to share what inspires you. What is your favorite design element or decorative piece in your baby’s room?

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