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  • Simple, Significant Ways the Pandemic Adaptations Can Improve Your Life

    Making a Gathering Place Outside  

    Now is the perfect time to spend more time outdoors with your family and friends. We need vitamin D to live healthy lives, and there is no better source for that than sunshine. Consider your property and whether or not it facilitates outdoor gatherings. Could you add a porch, patio, or deck? Could you upgrade your current outdoor living area?

  • How does a Bed Swing differ from a Porch Swing?

    Bed Swing or Porch Swing? That is the Question.

    With so many beautiful and practical options available, one of the questions we get asked most often is how a bed swing differs from a porch swing. We offer both at Nested Porch Swings, and we recognize there are significant and important differences between bed swings and porch swings.

    To help with your decision, we’ve compiled a list of the FIVE areas where bed swings and porch swings differ.  But before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at both types of swings.